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Explore our highly sought-after training schedule for December 2023!
Join our popular public courses and elevate your skills with expert-led sessions tailored to meet your learning needs.


Effective Performance Review

Elevate workplace success with our 'Effective Performance Review' course. Discover strategies to conduct insightful evaluations, foster employee growth, and cultivate a high-performance culture. Equip yourself with the skills to navigate constructive feedback and drive professional development. Harness the power of impactful performance reviews for organizational excellence.


Dashboard Reporting using Excel 356

Master the art of data visualization with our 'Dashboard Reporting using Excel 365' course. Unleash the full potential of Excel as you learn to create dynamic and insightful dashboards. From data analysis to compelling visual representations, this course empowers you to transform raw data into actionable insights. Elevate your reporting skills and make informed decisions with confidence.


Effective Budgeting and Operational Cost Control

Take command of financial success with our 'Effective Budgeting and Operational Cost Control' course. Learn essential strategies to create robust budgets, streamline operations, and gain control over costs. Equip yourself with the tools to optimize financial performance and drive sustainable growth. Master the art of strategic financial management for a resilient and thriving business.


Purchasing Techniques, Negotiating and Cost Reduction

Empower your procurement prowess with our 'Purchasing Techniques, Negotiating, and Cost Reduction' course. Dive into proven strategies for effective sourcing, negotiation tactics, and cost reduction methods. Elevate your purchasing skills to drive savings and enhance supplier relationships. Gain the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of procurement, ensuring optimal value for your organization.


High Impact Business Communication

Sharpen your communication edge with our 'High Impact Business Communication' course. Hone essential skills in effective verbal and written communication, mastering techniques to influence and engage your audience. Elevate your professional presence, foster collaboration, and navigate complex business interactions with confidence. Unleash the power of impactful communication for greater success in the dynamic business landscape.


HR Metrics and Analytics

Unlock the strategic potential of HR with our 'HR Metrics and Analytics' course. Dive into the world of data-driven decision-making, learning to leverage metrics and analytics for HR insights. From talent acquisition to employee engagement, acquire the skills to drive informed HR strategies. Elevate your HR capabilities and contribute to organizational success through effective data analysis.

Frequently Ask Questions

HRD Corp Claimable Courses was formerly known as SBL Khas is a scheme
to assist our registered employers, especially those with limited resources to train and upskill their employees in line with their operational and business

Under this scheme, HRD Corp will pay the course fee (subjected to 4%
service fee from 1 April 2021) directly to the training providers by deducting
the amount from the employers’ levy account. HRD Corp will also pay other claimable allowances to the employer. The total claimable amount is
subjected to the approval of each individual grant application.

Select the course you want to register for, click the “ENROLL NOW” button in the course outline, complete the information required and submit all required details to our representative Whatsapp number.


E-mail: Send your details to

Your company will be invoiced through HRDC claimable systems or MOF systems.

If you by your own expenses, we accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards or bank transfers.

The fees cover the training, certificate, material (hard and/or soft copies), tea and coffee breaks for each training days.

Yes. We have a number of discount schemes which vary depending on the number of registrations and other factors. Please contact us and we will be happy to share these with you.

We have trained hundreds of thousands of delegates since we started almost 10 years ago. This number keeps on growing thanks to the loyalty of our clients who keep coming back to us because of our reliability.

Our limit is 20 per session. In busier seasons we make exceptions to accommodate loyal clients.

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